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Patricia  Cornwell

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The novel opens as Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Virginia, receives an early-morning call from Sergeant Pete Marino, a homicide detective at the Richmond Police Department with whom Scarpetta has a tense working relationship. She meets him at the scene of a woman's gruesome strangling, the latest in a string of unsolved murders in Richmond.
The killer leaves behind few clues; among them are a mysterious substance which fluoresces under laser light, traces of semen, and in the vicinity of the last murder, an unusual smell.

Extra informatie

ISBN13 9780671023614
ISBN10 0671023616
Titel Postmortem
Naam Patricia
Plaats New York-Londen Toronto-Sydney-Tokyo-Singapore
Uitgever Pocket Books
Jaar 1998
Pagina's 342
Artikelnummer 34825

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